spatium is a set of free, open source and modular software tools for sound spatialization. It is comprised of 4 different types of software:

  1. spatialization renderers: standalone applications that render spatialized audio using ambisonics or amplitude panning;
  2. spatialization interfaces: standalone interfaces that generate spatial information to control the spatialization renderers via OSC;
  3. plugins: audio unit plugin and max for live devices to control the spatialization renderers via OSC;
  4. max objects: a library of objects for spatialization using ambisonics or amplitude panning in Cycling’74 Max.

If you want to know more about spatium, you can check this article I presented at SMC 2013 or, in much bigger detail, my PhD thesis (in Portuguese). If you want to quote spatium, please use the aforementioned SMC article:

Penha, R., & Oliveira, J.P. (2013). Spatium, tools for sound spatialization. Proceedings of the Sound and Music Computing Conference 2013, SMC 2013, Stockholm, Sweden.

spatium is licensed under a Creative Commons Atribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license. For other licenses and acknowledgments, please check this file.

To know more about spatium, including instructions on how to install and use the different modules, you can download the manual.

The downloads above are all Mac-only as, unfortunately, I don't own or have regular access to a Windows PC. Nevertheless, Paul Christian was kind enough to compile the Max objects for windows and that should make the spatium renderers easy to compile using Max on Windows using the source below. The spatium interfaces are Processing sketches and should compile without any issue on Windows.